Bluezilla AIPad IDO announced – BasedGPT – Date TBA

Bluezilla just announced another IDO on their new launchpad AIPad and others: BasedGPT. What is known so far? Summary of BasedGPT: BasedGPT is not just any blockchain, it’s an AI-powered ZK-rollup layer 2 blockchain that promises to deliver lightning-fast transaction speeds and unparalleled scalability. In other words, it’s the ultimate L2 blockchain needed in the … [Read more…]

AIPad IDO bonus tokens for IDO participants

Shortly after the AIPad ID Bluezilla announced an allocation of bonus tokens for all IDO participants. The decision was driven due to the high demand of the IDO, the many participants and with that the smaller allocations. Here are some further details on that original update: And the first IDO on the AIPAD launchpad is … [Read more…]

AIPad token will be listed on Kucoin

Tomorrow is Bluezilla’s IDO for AIPad. In case you haven’t participated in the Whitelist yet to get your spot, do it immediately here: Whitelist. There is additional good news for everyone planning to participate in the AIPad IDO or is interest in it in general: Kucoin Exchange announced the listing of the AIPad token per … [Read more…]

Cointiply Quests – Additional way to earn money

One of my favorite sites to gain additional money is still Cointiply. Never heard of Cointiply? Read my other articles about this site and how to earn money doing tasks; some very straight forward, some taking a little bit more effort, but provide you with higher reward. Today I spotted a new feature offered: Quests. … [Read more…]

Bluezilla AIPad IDO Announcement and Whitelist, 28th February

There is some movement in the Bluezilla environment: They just announced a new Launchpad dedicated to anything Artificial Intelligence (AI) related. There are no details regarding the launch date or the tokenomics known. Once known, will update accordingly. Here is the announcement from their communication channels and the opportunity to apply for a Whitelist spot: … [Read more…]

Furio Statistics November 18th

Welcome to another iteration of our Furio statistics article series on November 18th. Some interesting movements in the Furio ecosystem happened this week. Lets have a look at these together. The $FUR token sits currently at 4.49 USD, which is on the lower end of the LMS (Liquidity Management System) range, which intends to keep … [Read more…]