1. Patrick

    Thank you for the article. got satoshis paid to me. do you know more about this bonus and how it is work to get more??

  2. Hi Patrick,

    From their site there are types of bonus:

    Daily Loyalty Bonus: This bonus increases by 1% per day, up to a maximum of 100% (which means your faucet payouts are doubled!!!). So for example, if you made a claim yesterday and then make another claim today you will get a bonus of 1% on top of your usual claim amount. If you then claim again tomorrow, your bonus will increase to 2%, then 3% the day after and so on up to 100%. However if you miss a day then your bonus will reset back to 0% and you must build it up again. -> Conclusion: Make sure to claim once a day to keep your bonus high.

    Referral Bonus: Refer your friends, enemies and everyone else to Moon Bitcoin and recieve a massive 50% lifetime commission on all their faucet claims! All commission payments are paid to you either instantly (via Xapo) or added to your Moon Bitcoin account and paid out weekly directly to your bitcoin wallet weekly on Saturday/Sunday, providing your balance at that time is at least 10000 Satoshi.

    Mystery Bonus: Not much information on this one…. Random?

    Hope this helps.

  3. Good evening guys,Im in australia and its now monday and Ive not received my 72k satoshi .Is there a delay in the payments or have I done something wrong. I dont understand! Thanks you

    • Usually get mine between Saturday and Sunday night here in Europe. Honestly never had that many as you, only 10k-20k. Always worked as expected.

      Is your wallet address correct? Is the amount getting reduced down to 0 over the weeekend? Have you tried contacting Moon Bitcoin?

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