Furio Statistics November 18th

Welcome to another iteration of our Furio statistics article series on November 18th. Some interesting movements in the Furio ecosystem happened this week. Lets have a look at these together. The $FUR token sits currently at 4.49 USD, which is on the lower end of the LMS (Liquidity Management System) range, which intends to keep … [Read more…]

Furio – Claim directly to Furpool (incl. more staking options)

Some updates on Furpool were communicated by the FDT (Furio Development Team) worth writing a short article. So what has changed? Furpool offered so far boost staking periods of 30, 60 and 90 days. In the current marked conditions there were many requests to the dev team asking for longer and higher rewarding staking periods. … [Read more…]

Animal Farm – Drip Garden – Earn up to 3.33% daily

Animal Farm article overview Next Defi Destination — Animal Farm (an introduction) Animal Farm — Pig Pen Introduction — A great profit opportunity?  Animal — Piggy Bank — High time-locked bonus ahead Animal Farm — Dog Pound — Reduce your tax costs Drip Garden is probably one of the parts where all the Drip community members will stick around on the Animal Farm. Labelled as a game by its … [Read more…]

Animal Farm – Dog Pound – Reduce your tax costs

Animal Farm article overview Next Defi Destination – Animal Farm Animal Farm – Pig Pen Introduction – A great profit opportunity? Animal Farm Launch Giveaway – 5’000 USD price to win Animal – Piggy Bank – High time-locked bonus ahead Being loyal is a good thing. Being loyal to the Animal Farm means staking DOGS … [Read more…]