Overall 8/10
User friendly 9/10
Reliability 7/10
Help and Support 10/10


  • Simple and clean app and web interface
  • 40+ crypto currencies and stable coins supported, and they keep adding more
  • Trading, staking, DeFI, etc.
  • VISA credit card offering with interesting reward system; requires staking of the CRO token, rewards are also paid in the CRO’s. There are different levels of cards available with different levels of benefits. The higher the benefits, the higher the requirement of staking CRO tokens for 180 days.

To be improved

  • App and web site don’t seem to be the same, which I personally don’t like. This seems to be completely different accounts. As example I used some staking options, which I only see via app, but not via web. I would prefer to have exactly the same content, it is my account at the end, just accessed via a different interface.


  • [Resolved] There seems to be an issue in getting the OTP mails on my side (helpdesk is investigating). After some investigations I found out that the domain is blacklisted on two lists: SEM-URI and SEM-URIRED. I have informed obviously and hope they take care of it. If your provider is using these spam filter blacklists it hinders you to get your OTP or 2FA activated.
    Update March 2022: Checking the two black list it seems the domain was removed. I also get mails from their domain now. So this issue got resolved as well. Great service again.

Overview is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. The app currently has around 10 million users and around 3000 employees are working for

The company was initially founded back in 2016 as “Monaco” and got renamed to in 2018 the domain was purches by Just recently in January (2022) was hacked and about 15USD million worth of ETH were stolen. Since then security measures were taken and was much improved.

Personal experiences and comments

  • Just started using the app, so updates will follow
  • I have challenges getting the OTP mail which is required to log in the 1st time or once you logged out (on going ticket). Currently I cannot access the web interface.
  • Helpdesk is very quick in regards to feedback, very friendly: a great service overall. Also my report about them being black listed on spam lists seems to be resolved a few weeks later. Great.
Currencies supported: BTC CEL and many many more incl. FIAT currencies like USD or EUR.
Languages supported: English
Help and Support: FAQ / Help texts
Affiliate program: Yes

If you like to sign-up on, please feel free to use my referral code to get CRO’s worth around 25USD: vzz47kajn8