Bitcoin Rich List

Have you ever wondered how much bitcoins the big wallets on the blockchain contain? In the below link, this is exactly what you see: Yes, that is over a billion USD with the current rate in the 1st wallet. Quite some asset. Most likely the big wallets are the cold wallets of the exchanges … [Read more…] to close their doors in 2017 Logo sent a message to all of its clients the other day where they stated that they have to close their doors due to regulatory pressure in 2017. This is the message they sent to all customers:   BitLendingClub Closing Soon Due to Regulatory Pressure Dear Customers, We’ve worked extremely hard to build a platform … [Read more…]

Cloud mining

This new article is about mining in the cloud, instead of buying and maintaining your own infrastructure and hardware. Various providers are offering their services in the meantime. Worth comparing prices and services. In other words: No complex setup of hardware and software, no loud coolers running in your basement, or even worse, in your … [Read more…]

New section: Investing Bitcoins

Bitcoin Fingertips

As more and more platforms with Bitcoin investment possibilities show up across the globe, I try to list here the most interesting companies where either my research resulted into overall positive impression I made positive experience myself If you got other got investment tips, I am very happy to hear about it. The page into … [Read more…]