Decentralized Finance – DeFi

Here you will find a list of Defi systems, calling themselves “high reward, low risk” systems. These systems provide daily rewards of up to 3.33% as per time of writing with their own tokens.

Decentralized Finance means that there is no additional counter party involved in the transaction you are conducting. It is you and your wallet and directly the platform running the smart contracts. There is no exchange, bank or custodian involved. So no man in the middle to pay.

Given you interact directly with the platform, make sure you always do your own research before investing money in it to manage your risks.

Below you will find a few platforms that offer up to 2.5% interest per day. Yes, per day. If you are used to interest rates in the legacy finance world, you will hardly get such an interest rate per year. These innovative platforms developed smart contracts which make these profits possible. Is there risk involved? Of course. No profit without risks. Read about them in one of my articles “Drip – What are the risks?” where I dived into the Drip platform offering 1% per day and the risks around it.

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Furio –

Earn up to 2.5% daily on your investment. See these blog posts for more information on how to get involved.

Team address: 0xb3C253D80578f569cFd4fe2E916EDbF01B384577

The Animal Farm –

New Defi platform launching on November 1st. See these blog posts for more information and latest updates on this new Defi platform. The Drip Garden offers now up to 3.33% daily on your investment.

Team address: 0x766D22F6595F86De27d981f5CBc00119E4B23B63

Drip Network –

Drip is the most popular Defi system and around for a while in Defi terms. Earn 1.0% daily on your investment. See these blog posts for more information.

Buddy address: 0xb3C253D80578f569cFd4fe2E916EDbF01B384577