Investing your Bitcoins (update required)

Invest Bitcoin

As more and more platforms with Bitcoin investment possibilities show up across the globe, make sure that your asset is working for you and your investing your bitcoins properly. I try to list here the most interesting companies where either

  • my research resulted into overall positive impression
  • I made positive experience myself

The page into two sections currently: Either you can deposit your Bitcoins into an account and you are getting paid a regular interest on your funds. you can do active trading and earn based on your investments.

Please remember that all of these investments will always come with certain risks involved, so please make sure to do your due diligence accordingly before sending money to anyone in the world you don’t know.

Earn Interest Rate on deposits aka. staking

(to update (probably into a dedicated section incl. yield farming)

(P2P) Loan Investments

Deposit your coins on a platform, which is providing loans to other investors. As a risk premium you are getting paid an interest rate. This is usually much higher then on a usual bank account where you deposit fiat money.

Trading bitcoins

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