Free (Bit-)coins

There are many websites out there that pay you a small amount of (mostly) bitcoins for doing certain tasks (there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch) or for referring friends to use their services. 

Bitcoin Rain

Please make sure that you don’t get fooled with many of the scams site claiming that they will double your bitcoins within a day or even shorter period of time. These so called High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) are in pretty much all cases scams. They might pay out in the beginning, but long term it is a save bet that the owner of the site will enjoy his life with your money. In short: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The sites listed here are tested and worked as expected when I gave it a try. If something should have changed, please let me know.


Activities and Tasks

WebsiteDescriptionRating / Remarks
BTCClicksBitcoin,Get paid to look at some websites for just a few seconds. Pretty easy actually…Read my review here
cointiply.comEarn for completing survey, watching videos, view ads, faucet and more. Best site currently in my opinion.Recommendation – Review here


WebsiteDescriptionRating / Remarks
FreeBitco.inBitcoin,Very popular bitcoin faucet launchend in 2013.Review to follow
Coin FaucetVarious,Free cryptos every hour. Up to 300$ per hour (in theory).Review is here.

Platform Giveaway’s

WebsiteDescriptionRating / Remarks
BinanceOne of the biggest exchanges with their one blockchainDon’t have a Binance account yet? Sign up with this link.
BittrexAnother big exchangeIMHO simpler interface then others.
CoinbaseOne of the biggest exchanges.Get ~10USD when signing-up using the link on the left side. Also earn further coins in Coinbase “Learn and Earn” section by learning about (new) coins and answer quiz questions correctly. You can double check your answers here in case you need support. exchangeUse my referral link or code “vzz47kajn8” to sign up for and we both get $25 USD
YieldnodesMasternoding infrastructure investmentProjected monthly profit of 5 – 15% on your investment. Proof of stake, masternoding technology to earn profit on your investment.
Although deposits are on hold currently given the change of business model to Yieldnodes Pro.